Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Need some sunshine?

Is winter about over? I needed some sunshine today! I walked into Walmart and these yellow flowers caught my eye. They were so cheerful and cheap I couldn't pass them up! I'm sooooo ready for some sunshine! I also wanted to share a card that I received from my SU! upline, Linda Bauwin from Jefferson, Ohio. This card sparkles so much in person. I just LOVE glitter! She used the Merci SAB set. Thanks for checking out my blog today. Have a great day!


Lauri said...

Thanks for the flowers, and the pretty card! As I sit here we have 1" of snow on the ground and predictions of up to 10" total! I have to work today, albeit here at home, so I can sneak in some card making!

Janine said...

You and me both... It is snowing here in London Ontario AGAIN !! It is time for lots of sunshine. The flowers are gorgeous... The card is cute too.

Lynn said...

This is a real pretty card from your upline and yes I sure could use some sunshine! Your flowers are bright and cheerful, thanks for sharing them!

PS I've nominated you for a blog award, please see my blog for the deets.
Thanks for cheering me up!